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The following is a list of some useful links, like everything today. It may be just as useful to Gooogle what you search directly. However, just like this site (as of yet) it may be foreseen, just as you dont find a pearl in every seashell. Thank You for finding Buzios - Enjoy it in real life, now  :-)  

If you wish to be added to this list, please send us an e-mail.   and/or

Expert guidance from real people searching for the best the Internet has to offer in games, music, travel, maps, jobs, free stuff, books, news, chat, strategy, auctions, airlines, gifts, weather, links, cds, movies, and more.

Useful Sites
Natal For more information about Natal, Buzios and its surrounding area. Be sure to place a description of your link for your viewers here!



Nasdaq Make your bet  -  Buzios, win every time!



Babelfish translation tool - for example






As we said!

Have Fun!